College Rules | Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum

College Rules and Regulations

A boy is admitted to the aforementioned classes on condition that he binds himself to abide by the rules and regulations issued form time to time. For minor offences, the cadet may be fine up to Rs. 10,000 but major offences will definitely end in expulsion / Withdrawal from the college.

Prohibited Items

Cadets are not permitted to keep the following:

  1. Transistors, walkman, musical instruments and video games
  2. Unauthorized medicines / drugs
  3. Undesirable printed materials / literature
  4. Valuables
  5. Cigarattes / narcotics in any form
  6. Mobile phones
  7. Match boxes, heaters and any other electrical device
  8. personal computer / laptop etc