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Admission Notice: Applications are invited for admission in classes (6th, 7th and 8th). Entrance test will be held on 24th January, 2021 in Cadet College Jhelum. Last date for submission of application is 18th December, 2020. Download the Application Form here. Please click here for further details.
Leadership Training | Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum

In order to inculcate leadership qualities, efforts are being made to create sense of responsibility, discipline and leadership so that they are capable enough to meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow.
Following efforts are being made for leadership training and character building of cadets.

House System

Cadet are accommodated in four houses. The names of these four houses are:

  1. Jinnah House
  2. Iqbal House
  3. Tipu House
  4. Babar House

In order to train the cadets in shouldering responsibility and exercising of authority, the structure of cadets' appointments is as under:

Cadet Council

This council is composed of the following:


Cadet Captain


  1. All House Captain
  2. Mess Secretary
  3. Sport Sergeant
  4. All Class Prefects

This council meets at regular intervals and it is primarily responsible to identify cadets' problems (any type) and their solutions are sought under the guidance of the principle.