Semester and Examination | Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum

A General schedule of the academic semesters and examination is given below:

    A) Academic Semester
    • 1. First Semester (April - September)
    • 2. Final Semester (October - March)

    B) Examination
      1. Surprise Test
    • At any time the Commandant / Principal / VP / DOS checks the cadets' academic progress by Surprise Test. Results of such tests are properly maintained and necessary instructions are issued on the basis of results.

    • 2. Monthly Test
    • Monthly Tests are held regularly. These tests are to ensure the habit of regular studies in cadets.

    • 3. First Semester Examination
    • On the completion of half academic year, this examination is held.

    • 4. Final Semester Examination
    • At the end of each academic year, annual semester examination is held for class VI to VIII. Cadets of class IX to XII / 'A' Level appear in their respective board examinations.

    • 5. Pre-Board Examination
      Pre-Board examination for class IX to XII / 'A' Level is held after the completion of syllabus in shape of Model Papers according to the respective Board Patterns.

    c) Progress Report
    • The cadets' comprehensive assessment report is discussed with parents after each examination in shape of Parents-Teachers meeting.