Extracurricular Activities | Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum

These activities are the part of cadets' training at Cadet College Jhelum. They are mentioned below:

Drama/Music Club

Under this club, social evenings are held frequently. In social evening cadets perform skits, sing songs, make short speeches and dramas. Cultural programmes on national occasions are also presented.

Hiking Club

All cadets of this club are taken nearby hills and mountains for hiking.

Scouting Club

Cadets willing to join scouting club, are encouraged and given training by the respective instructor.

Riding Club

Riding is a permanent feature of the life in Cadet College Jhelum. This club provides support and encouragement to the young riders who not only learn the basics of riding but also show their potentials in riding on various competitions held in college.

Recreational Club

Various activities like visits of different places (Mangla Dam boating club, Murree, Lahore Zoo etc) and educational trips (Rohtas Fort, Faisal Mosque etc) are arranged.