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Daily Routine | Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum

General Daily Routine
Activity Timings Place
From(hrs) To(hrs)
Reveille 0515 Dorms
Fajr prayer 0530 0545 Masjid
P.T 0600 0630 P.T ground
Breakfast 0700 0720 Cadet Mess
Morning Assembly 0725 0740 Assembly area
Academic Session 0800 1355 Class rooms
Short break 1120 1150 Cafeteria
Zuhr / Jumma prayer 1400 1430 Masjid
Lunch 1435 1500 Cadet Mess
Rest Time 1500 15:40 Dorms
Asar prayer 1545 1600 Masjid
Games/Other sports 1610 1650 Grounds
Maghrib prayer 1700 1720 Masjid
First study period 1730 1930 Class rooms
Short break 1930 1950 Cafeteria
Second study period 1950 2110 Class rooms
Isha Prayer 2115 2140 Masjid
Dinner/ TV time 2140 2230 Cadet Mess
Bed Time 2240 Dorms
Weekly Games/Sports schedule
Day Games Athletics Gymnastics Obstacle Course
Monday Jinnah             Iqbal Tipu On Friday obstacle course practice is held for classes (8th to 12th)
Tuesday Tipu                Iqbal Jinnah
Wednesday Jinnah             Tipu Iqbal
Thursday Jinnah             Iqbal Tipu
Friday Class VI to VII
Saturday Tipu               Iqbal Jinnah
Sunday (Morning) Cricket (T20 all houses)
Sunday (Evening) Jinnah             Tipu Iqbal