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Admission Notice: Applications are invited for admission in classes (6th, 7th and 8th). Entrance test will be held on 24th January, 2021 in Cadet College Jhelum. Last date for submission of application is 18th December, 2020. Download the Application Form here. Please click here for further details.
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Cadet College Jhelum


  1. The point of entry in Cadet College Jhelum is Class VI and VIII only, however, a few vacancies occur in other classes in case some of our students leave the college for their own personal reasons. Therefore, these vacancies are also filled on the basis of written test, interview and medical test.
  2. For admission in aforementioned classes, applications are generally received in January and entrance test interviews are held in March.
    Class Age (Years) Educational Standard
    Class-VI 10 to 12 Studying in Class V or VI
    Class-VII 11 to 13 Studying in Class VI or VII
    Class-VIII / 'O' Level 12 to 14 Studying in Class VII or VIII
    Class-XI / 'A' Level 14 to 17 Studying in Class X or Equivalent